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Website snalysis: 5 essential aspects to properly reference your website

The purpose of an audit is to study and improve a website for the user.

A well-optimized site makes it easier for crawl robots such as (google, bing, yandex ... etc)

In this part, we will show you how to properly analyze and understand the criteria and recommendations of search engines in terms of content, usability, performance and web security with our API.

Track the evolution of your website in real time with the webanalytis API

The SEO optimization of a website is a necessary step of natural referencing for search engines (optimization of meta title tags, description, canonical, loading time of your web pages ... etc.).

But in the right schema you will find the process that you will certainly work for improves the positioning of your website in order to obtain conversions (Purchase, Registration, Form Sending ...) that requires tools at times costly.

Our web analytics team has launched a platform that allows you to follow your site vis-à-vis Internet users, tailor-made price offers ....

SEO Website Monitoring API to improve your SEO on the google SERP